Manufacture, sale, and mail order of insect-proof nets and insect-proof nets Nobichi Co., Ltd. | Kahoku City, Ishikawa Prefecture

We manufacture and sell insect repellent nets that protect crops from pests.
Despite its high breathability and strength, it has achieved the finer mesh size that compete for the top among the insect repellent nets currently on the market.

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Message from the President

The creativity of the people and companies determines the future.
As society changes at an unpredictable speed in the mighty swell, companies need to keep moving forward with embracing the changes in the corporate activities.
Creativity is not only about creating new products, but also about market creativity.
If we do not continue to develop products for new markets while protecting current markets, we will be left behind in the era of social transformation.
Daily changes are born from small reforms of each person's consciousness, and those small reforms lead to big changes of the company.
We will contribute to society by pioneering new fields and developing and launching better products, which will determine our future.

CEO Shinsuke Noto

Corporate Vision

Corporate Vision

We contribute to society by creating new wisdom by emphasizing “Quality of wisdom created = What we did" rather than “The time worked = How much we worked".
The source are “Creativity," “High Technical Skills," and “Curiosity," and these are combined to bring out new things to the new market.
Believing in the infinite possibilities of woven fabrics made by combining warp and weft, we will continue to create new things day by day.

Company Profile

Company Profile

CEO Shinsuke Noto

COO Ryosuke Noto

Office Ni-20, Tozuka, Kahoku-city, Ishikawa, 929-1173, Japan
TEL +81-(0)76-285-0117
FAX +81-(0)76-285-2472
Business hours 9:30~17:00 (JST)
Closed on weekends and holidays
Establishment October,1965
Paid in capital ¥10 million
Employees 47


1965 NOTOSHICHI CO., LTD. was established.
1986 Started to manufacture bridal products and tea bags.
1995 Started to develop and manufacture textiles for sports outerwear.
2003 Installed 28 new weaving machines with the expansion of production of textiles for sports outerwear.
2006 Additional installation of 24 new weaving machines.
2007 Installed 30 new weaving machines and sizing machine with the expansion of production.
2011 Additional installation of 1 sizing machine.
2014 Installed 1 weaving machine for industrial materials and automatic sewing machine for agricultural materials.
Also new factory was built.


  • By Car : about 5 min from Shirao IC of Noto Satoyama Kaido
  • By Train : walk about 20 min from Unoke station of JR Nanao line

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Office Ni-20, Tozuka, Kahoku-city, Ishikawa, 929-1173, Japan Tel +81-(0)76-285-0117/Fax +81-(0)76-285-2472
Business hours 9:30~17:00 (JST) Closed on weekends and holidays



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