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We manufacture and sell insect repellent nets that protect crops from pests.
Despite its high breathability and strength, it has achieved the finer mesh size that compete for the top among the insect repellent nets currently on the market.

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Fine insect repellent net TORU-KUN


  • High breathability
    A special structure that allows a wide range of wind to pass through and prevents the formation of water films.
  • Finer mesh
    The mesh size of 0.3mm×0.6mm prevent whiteflies from entering.
  • Significant increase in intensity
    It can maintain an intensity of 80% or more with respect to the amount of ultraviolet rays equivalent to 4 to 5 years.
  • High heat retention and chemical resistance
    By using polypropylene as the material, it has low thermal conductivity and chemical resistance.
Information materials of "TORU-KUN"(PDF)
Sun protection net SANCHIRU


  • By scattering sunlight, it prevents sunburn of vegetables and fruits.
  • Because it is breathable, it does not get stuffy.
  • You can select the appropriate one by various shading rates.


Fit various object, umbrella-like, bag-like, shade-like or the like, can be selectively used.

Valiation *The numbers represent the shading rate
サンチル8 Corresponds to important fruits with sunshine. (8%)
サンチル22 Balance of sunshine and sunburn. (22%)
サンチル30 Prevents sunburn and lowers surface temperature.
サンチル37 Used for house lining to lower internal temperature.
Information materials of "SANCHIRU"(PDF)
High-performance heat shield net "AOTENJYO"

While maintaining the transmittance in the wavelength region (400 to 700 nm) that promotes photosynthesis of crops, it shields heat regions other than that region and creates an optimal production environment according to the amount of sunlight and crops.

Sunlight is controlled by the combination of weft density and weft type.

You can choose according to the variety and production area.

While maintaining the transmittance in the wavelength region that promotes photosynthesis of the crop (400 ~ 700 nm), by shielding that region outside of the infrared radiation, it protects the crop from the hot disorders by heat rays such as leaf scorch and fruit cracking while maintaining the growth of the crop.

High-performance heat shield nets are available in variations in transmittance (combination depending on the weft density and weft type).
Please choose according to the variety of crop, production area and environment.

Information materials of "AOTENJYO"(PDF)
Compost fermentation promotion sheet "Taihimeijin"

The use of carbon-impregnated fiber enhances weather resistance, and the surface of the fabric is waterproofed to prevent rainwater.

Since it is breathable and water permeable, it is a sheet that lowers the moisture regain while letting out water vapor.
With excellent waterproofness, breathability, and breathability, we will help you to compost with good quality.
Cost reduction can be expected in all compost facility environments.

Specification 1.8m width×100m length
Material Polyester 100%
  • Also available sewing processing of sheet in accordance with the facility use area.
Information materials of "Taihimeijin"(PDF)

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